Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It was a beautiful day for

linen   table set ups ever       
linen   table set ups ever
teal and purple wedding          
teal and purple wedding
pink wedding shoes with          
pink wedding shoes with
Clearspan Tents 25x50m  GSL-25   
Clearspan Tents 25x50m  GSL-25
Tulsa, Oklahoma this week.       
Tulsa, Oklahoma this week.
FEAO at Tulsa Convention         
FEAO at Tulsa Convention
Todays mileage: 88               
Todays mileage: 88
The wedding itself took place    
The wedding itself took place
31, 1921  Tulsa, Oklahoma        
31, 1921  Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wedding Fit for a King .         
Wedding Fit for a King .
Phoneixville Foundry Wedding     
Phoneixville Foundry Wedding
Tie-Dye T-Shirt   ?16            
Tie-Dye T-Shirt   ?16
tie dyed wedding dress           
tie dyed wedding dress
Tie dyed - select your colour    
Tie dyed - select your colour
Hand tie dye and hand craft      
Hand tie dye and hand craft
ODLR SS11 Tie-Dyed Dress on      
ODLR SS11 Tie-Dyed Dress on
tie dyed wedding dress           
tie dyed wedding dress
 0    January 16, 2011           
 0    January 16, 2011
Dropped sweetheart draped tiered 
rganza long white wedding dress 
Dropped sweetheart draped tiered organza long white wedding dress
It was a beautiful day for       
It was a beautiful day for

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